Our Mission Statement

The Haven Assisted Living Facilities is dedicated to providing excellent care in an ethical and responsible manner. To this end, we have adopted the following general principles to guide our Assisted Living Facilities. Though we understand each individual has unique needs, we believe these principles provide a basic framework for every community we serve.

To Our Residents and Their Families We Pledge:

To enhance the lives of our residents by…

  • Encouraging residents to maintain their maximum level of independence.
  • Providing options to accomodate residents and involving them in decisions about their care.
  • Continually assessing each resident’s needs and fulfilling those needs appropriately.
  • Preserving each resident’s dignity and privacy.
  • Providing appropriate and cost-effective services.

To provide safe environments and a qualified, caring staff by…

  • Ensuring staff has appropriate background, experience, and training to support our residents.
  • Allowing residents direct access to caregivers twenty-four hours a day.
  • Designing secure homes to keep our residents comfortable and safe.
  • Endowing every facility with appropriate furnishings and modifications for our resident’s care.
To inform residents and families about provided services by…

  • Detailing available services, as well as their related costs and policies.
  • Thoroughly explaining the criteria for changing the level of service, including policies relating to transfers from the residence.
  • Providing family members access to service information where appropriate and involving them in decision making.
  • Disclosing existence of financial relationships with affiliated service providers.

To Our Community We Pledge:

  • To coordinate with other care providers when necessary.
  • To help the public & policymakers understand the importance of assisted living.
  • To ensure our facilities are assets within the communities they operate.
  • To maintain a receptive attitude to our resident’s needs and respond proactively with other groups to best serve those needs.