Program Concept

Our Assisted Living Program Concept

The Haven Assisted Living Program is built around the idea of proactivity. We are convinced a person’s daily activities contributes to their self-worth, and want each resident to continue doing to things that make their life enjoyable. Many elderly resist assisted living institutions because they fear the loss of their independence. However, The Haven Assisted Living believes each resident should be involved in all the activities of daily living (or ADL’s) they choose.

For this reason, we provide Individualized Service Plans to establish every resident’s distinct level of care. Each plan is unique to the individual, and determines what activities the resident can and cannot do themselves. Any tasks the individual cannot do alone, can easily be performed by our caregivers.

The Haven Assisted Living encourages residents to engage in activities, to volunteer within the community, and to proceed doing satisfying chores within their living quarters. Who said if you are in an assisted living program you can no longer tidy your own room or prepare your own bed? At the Haven Assisted Living, we are not looking to take away an individual’s independence, but contribute to it. Our Assisted Living Program is here to provide an extra hand for those who would like daily assistance, but cherish their independence.