Secure Environment

Here at the Haven, we know security is an important factor when deciding where to place a loved one for long term care. Our facilities are fitted with alarm systems that function 24 hours a day alerting our caregivers of any entry or exit of the house. This ensures that your loved one is protected from outside intruders, but also ensures the safety of patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia who may wander or become confused and disoriented.

In addition all of our homes are certified to be handicap accessible and we take the time to modify them to our residents needs on a case by case basis.

Our maintenance crew is top notch when it comes to keeping things running smoothly, and we don’t often have to wait for an outside company to come in and make repairs.

Some key features of our facility security:

  • Visitors are required to check-in before seeing residents
  • Alarm systems alert caregiver to all entry’s and exits
  • Emergency plans are reviewed quarterly
  • Caregiver staff are expertly trained in emergency procedures
  • The State of Virginia certifies that our homes are up to code and confirm that they meet all safety requirements